Special Thanks

I wanted to take a moment out to thank the following . I will be adding to this list and  I will soon have links to my friends websites so be on the look out!

“You are here to enable the divine purpose of the universe to unfold. That is how important you are.” - Eckhart Tolle

A big Thank you to Source.
My family has been terrific throughout the entire process I love you with all my heart. You each have pitched in, helped out, donated time and money.
Sharon Morris- Yes you are family but a special shout out for co-hosting all those amazing parties and for promoting me to your co-workers when no one else would.
Michelle and Joel Rosenblatt- Inner Balance
Teresa Hoffman- Teesa’s Teas
Farrah La Ronde- Hutchison- Gaia’s Essence
Toni Ann Semple- Singer “ My Spirit” New Album
Lainie Cooke- Singer “ Its Always you” Album
Louise Williams
Azizi Madramotoo- For all of your hard work at events.
Nicole Lawrence- For being a style pioneer, a great Sol Artz model and excellent help at events.
Bellinda Perry
Giovanna Sorondo
Melinda Alvarez
Karina Bajana- What an amazing lady thank you for complementing the jewelry beautifully
Michelle Falzarano- for your support for your spreading the word and for introducing me to your co-workers.
Angelique- For hosting encouragement and supporting me.
Rita Vasquez- Myofascial Release Therapist
Kim Porter- Apple Genius
Harlem Arts Alliance
New Heritage Theatre
Jamal & Joyce Joseph
Lloyd & Valerie Williams
Shani Rowson for being my top customer
Bernadette Berrios
Phoebe Sanyer
Joanne Pollicella for being another amazing top customer
The Semple Family
Monserrat Fisher
Greer Morton
Stephanie Weldon
Lorena Clark- Qivana
Shannon- Lucky Finds Boutique
Angella Focus- 
Lyn Trotman- Quest Bookshop
Vonda Wells- A time for Karma
Charlie Sutton- Charlie Things
Natolyn Tapscott
Janet Rodriguez Straight Out of Harlem
Melissa Silverstein